Bioenergy Therapy

As you can read on the website of Poland’s National Guild of Bioenergy Therapists:

Bioenergy therapy is a natural healing method classified as a section of unconventional medicine. It deals with the repair of the physical body, improving mental health and cleansing the space.

As the space (biofield) becomes clean and thus negative, destructive energies are removed, the person can regain health, peace, and joy of life.

Bioenergy therapy and something more

Bioenergy therapy is part of a broader process: energy healing. This in turn is triggered thanks to the method taught by Zbigniew John Popko: the energetic and spiritual fields method.

If you are constantly living the disease, recovery processes will slow down or even stop. Therefore, it is recommended to live a new version of Yourself after the healing. So please:

  • take care of your physical body by ensuring it a healthy diet, exercises and sleep
  • think positive and be joyful
  • live the future, your dreams and a better vision of your life
  • maintain good relationships with others and with the world