Zbigniew John Popko

He is a man who has changed my life and taught me a lot. Zbigniew John Popko is a master of bioenergy therapy and meditation. He is an author of books and thousands of online publications about conscious life. He is also a Mystic, a Teacher, an experienced Spiritual Healer, the founder of the Academy of Spiritual Knowledge, and the President of Poland’s National Guild of Bioenergy Therapists.

Zbigniew John Popko has developed the energetic and spiritual fields method, which is already used by thousands of people around the world.

What is Spiritual Development?

What is spirituality… Coaching and personal development must be supported by Consciousness and the Supreme Mind
Energy medicine vs. spiritual and divine medicine – the differences. Which is best?

Clairvoyance and automatic writing

These skills, combined with the Astral Charts, help us understand not only the world around us and the people we come into contact with, but also ourselves. The human consists of many shells. They all try to interact, but only when they are guided by consciousness, everything begins to work as it should. Clairvoyance and automatic writing enable contact with consciousness. Zbigniew John Popko teaches how to use these abilities on his website popko.pl.

Revelation-based Clairvoyance. Learn the principles of seeing like Jesus, and you will become a Prophet
Clairvoyance. Find the WINDOW leading to the world beyond. Activate the Self. The Quantum Brain is a way to freedom


There are several types of meditation – from relaxation or concentration to spiritual meditation in the highest dimensions. The latter allows us to learn from the spiritual world and make us better people. Zbigniew John Popko is a master of meditation and teaches it for free on his website popko.pl. You can also listen to his meditations in the form of podcasts at https://anchor.fm/zbigniew-popko.

Guide. Meditation basics. Is it worth meditating? How to meditate? To what dimensions does it extend? Can it heal?
You are playing with the mind and consciousness. Make them connect, and you will see the world in colours. The king wears sapphires.
How to avoid toxic people? How to see manipulation? Be smarter…
Toxic people. Meditation to free yourself from manipulation. Say stop to the despots and block them.
The mind and consciousness become united in the dance of victory. Power and wisdom are the keys to success.
Meditation. The mind and consciousness become united in the dance of victory. Power and wisdom are the keys to success.
Affirmation. Attractiveness is not a problem if you understand the principles of self-programming.
The forces of nature – the secret force without which man will never succeed.
Meditation. The forces of nature – the secret force without which man will never succeed.
Meditation. The Flooded Valley – the place of your rebirth.
Meditation. Spiritual Growth – The Individual Component. Miracle. Awakening consciousness in 12 dimensions.
Meditation – The Role of the Son of God. Awakening consciousness. Regaining confidence in your own abilities.
Meditation. Light and Consciousness. The mind connects with the psyche, and the psyche connects with consciousness. Personal development.
Meditation. Restoration of the immune system. Gongs and singing bowls will restore your health.
Meditation. The Matrix of Creation – the gateway to all actions in all spaces.
Meditation. The Silver Rope. Activation of power. How the field of potential affects health and joy.

Participants share their impressions of Zbigniew John Popko’s workshops

Personal and spiritual development with Zbigniew John Popko. Workshop participants’ opinions.
New Year’s Eve. Report from the workshop. Lionella is painfully honest (she stole her friend’s boyfriend)…
Eden is developing. The power is growing, there are more and more people…:) But it’s unknown when the miracle will happen…
Is it worth growing? Is it worth discovering your own power? Is it worth concluding that God is an ATHEIST?
Czestochowa – report from personal development workshops + extra shots behind the scenes. Eden is gaining momentum.

Spiritual Artifacts

These are a kind of accumulators, tools that support us in actions or achieving specific goals. Visit Zbigniew John Popko’s website to find out more about the artifacts that have been given us by the spiritual world.

What are spiritual artefacts? Does every Talisman or Mandala have the same value?


It is best to listen to the sound meditations on headphones. More information can be found on Zbigniew John Popko’s website.

0.4-1700Hz meditation. Gongs. Singing bowls. Awakening consciousness by entering the state of diffusion…
Gongs. Singing bowls. 223-1811Hz meditation. Paths of fate. Forming the future. Manipulating the space.
Gongs. Singing bowls. 0.2-7Hz and 1721Hz sound meditation removing karmic knots and energy codes
Gongs. Singing Bowls. 1925Hz Meditation. The return of power and perfection. Find the cosmic avatar.